TRT Productions

Total Running Time Productions is a boutique production company known for its energetic and creative approach, its intimate size, and its dedication to the various aspects of "the big picture." With an all-hands-on approach, Total Running Time Productions will help visualize your concepts and ideas, and bring your project to fruition; our ultimate goal is a concrete visual product that's targeted to your specific audience or demographics.

Total Running Time Productions is committed to making our clients — whether it's a program concept, a product, or a special event — a standout in today's competitive broadcast, cable and online environments. With our combined strength and collective experience in the television and film industry, we continually achieve our client's final goals with remarkable results. C.A. Villalba and Jill Clarke are Co-Presidents of Total Running Time Productions.

Christian Antonio Villalba

Having worked in both television and film, Christian has nearly 20 years experience working with Public Broadcasting Service, Fox News, CBS, as well as several prominent Public Relations and Communications firms. Christian has been producing publicity reels, fundraising events, educational and advocacy programming, commercial and corporate video work since 1994.

Jill Clarke

As one of the original cast children on the landmark series Sesame Street, Jill Clarke is no stranger to television. For nearly two decades, the mission of Public Television has become her charge — most recently as Producer of the award-winning series Nature as well as several other nationally recognized institutions, including the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City.


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